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Knowledge Graph Management for Teams


Let domain experts inside or outside of your enterprise contribute to your structured knowledge.


Turn hidden, cryptic and ambiguous database records into knowledge that empowers your team and your customers.


Create formal knowledge structures that simplify decisions and help your enterprise solve difficult problems.


Bring all of your data and knowledge together in one place for your applications, your team and your customers.

Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Tencent, Facebook, Alibaba, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, IBM, Citi, Uber, Salesforce, LinkedIn...
What do these information superpowers all have in common?
To manage their data and information they've invested heavily in Knowledge Graphs.


EKG - your Enterprise Knowledge Graph

People are the heart of an Enterprise - but people come and go. What defines an enterprise is the knowledge that its people apply to the goals and needs of that enterprise. FactNexus EKG gives your teams a way to capture and maintain that knowledge in a form that both humans AND machines can understand.

A graph so smart you can converse with it.

EKG comes with natural language concepts and algorithms that allow a Knowledge Graph to be built, maintained and queried using conversational English. Anyone can "chat" with their EKG knowledge graph to capture knowledge or get answers.

Plug it straight into your messaging and chatbot applications.

Manage your knowledge graph and empower your teams and your helpdesk using Slack or Microsoft Teams. Let your customers get answers using Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant or Facebook Messenger.

Simple tools let you extract concepts and facts from your structured and unstructured information.

  • Map SQL queries directly into your knowledge graph.
  • Perform natural language understanding over snippets of English extracted from your text and document store.
  • Use Vector Embedding to complete your knowledge graph.
  • Instruct it to listen for changes so that it can keep itself up-to-date.

Everything you need for a single, 360-degree view of your enterprise and its customers.

Powered By GraphBase

GraphBase is a second generation Graph Database Management System (Graph DBMS) engineered with the graph as its unit of work.

Built primarily for managing knowledge, it's the only DBMS that gives you tools to work with discrete self-contained knowledge graphs.

Knowledge Graph Services

Let us help you build knowledge graphs to collect, create and do great things with knowledge.

  • Scope your Knowledge Graph requirements and plan your implementation.
  • Capture concepts and facts from your databases (RDBMS & noSQL) and from your APIs.
  • Capture facts from your textual Knowledge Management Systems.
  • Set up applications and processes that allow domain experts (both internal and external) to contribute to your Knowledge Graph.
  • Formalise and capture Enterprise Process, IT Architecture and Governance.
  • Improve key call centre automation and messaging (chatbot) applications.
  • Provide semantic search and Google-like "knowledge panels" over your existing KMS.

KGkg - the Knowledge Graph knowledge graph

Want to know what a knowledge graph is, what it can be used for and how to build one?

Built using EKG, the KGkg is knowledge graph about knowledge graphs.

Health Sector Initiatives

Tools and services to help formalize, capture, uncover and act on health knowledge.
The World's First Intelligent Health Record is a Personal Health Record (PHR) with several important differences.

Important data is stored in a personal "health state" knowledge graph that can be queried, in English, by physicians and health workers. This graph is also used to automate health management program communications. adds to its knowledge graph by making sense of unstructured information - including voice comments and and camera snaps.

All health information is stored anonymously. Anything that might identify a patient is scanned-for and removed. TrigID record protection, however, allows patient information an be recoverd at any time.

A simple & powerful Personal Health Recorder

Make a Voice Record

Make a quick health-related voice memo about what you're feeling, observing or doing.

Or Take a Picture

Take a snap of your medical device readout, your visible symptom or your lab result. Hold it down to attach a voice note.

Store It

Beth will take what you give her, make it readable and "medical", and put it into secure storage for you.

Get & Share Reports

Visual, easy-to-digest reports for you, for your doctor and for those you want to share your health progress with.

Knowledge graph capture using mobile devices

Assessment is a key part of any health program. But it can be cumbersome and time-consuming - for patient and care giver. Even modern screen-based assessments don't seem to recognise that today's app user has limited time and patience. Questions that don't get answered are of no use to anyone.

HealthQA is a low-friction, patient-personalised assessment application designed for mobile and web devices. The app carries a comprehensive suite of engagement-tested health-related questions, answer choices and visual presentation devices. The answers to these questions automatically populate a patient "health state" knowledge graph. HealthQA also uses the patient's existing knowledge graph to make any question set as personally accurtate and as short as possible.

HealthQA comes with several "gamified" implementations that further improve patient and customer engagement.The Bio-Age Challenge is an example.

Health Streams
Automated, knowledge-graph-driven conversations with patients and customers

Reduce health care and related costs by...

  • (a) significantly improving the flow of information between provider and patient/customer and
  • (b) enabling digital health programs that support behaviour change.

Guaranteed record anonymity provides the ultimate in medical record protection.

New patent-pending technology lets a record holder...

  • identify a patient record with 100% reliability
  • verify any patient's identifying information
  • provide "safe" medical data to local and remote staff on commodity mobile devices
  • safely share records with care partners
  • render any stolen records unusable for identity theft

TrigID anonymity services will pair with many common EHR applications and can be up and running in days.