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Powerful End-To-End Strategies & Tools


Our tools make it quick and easy for you - and your customer - to capture what's important.


Make your data accessible right when you need it, and in ways that will help you to make better decisions.


Data you can't understand is just bits. Our unique data-structures and semantic tools will help uncover the facts in your data.


Our world-leading database products make sure your data is discoverable, usable and shareable. And that it's incorruptible, private and secure.

GraphBase. Our Edge.

GraphBase is a second generation Graph Database Management System (DBMS). Built for 21st Century data problems, GraphBase is a game-changer when it comes to handling large, complex data structures.

FactNexus Health

We help the health sector to solve its biggest data problems - it's three Cs.
Capture the data. Take care of its Complexity. Facilitate the Communication that makes it useful.

Health care and medical research is working in a data vacuum.

More than 10% of our money is spent in the health sector, but the sector gets to use less than 0.02% of the data produced every year. Google alone processes more data in a month than the entire world health sector does in a year.

70% of the world's data is produced by private individuals. People like you and me - we've demonstrated a willingness to record, comment and even share. At FactNexus we're working to turn that willingess into data that benefits the health of everyone.

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Smartphone, big data and AI create a perfect storm for healthcare


Getting SMART About Data

SMART (Social, Mobile, Aware & Real-Time) technologies can bring new data and efficiencies to the Health sector.

Image-processing, voice-recognition and artificial intelligence technologies are also now mature enough to lighten the load - for health professionals and patients.

We're bringing them all together.

See how. Check out the Companion digital Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (dCBT) programs at partner.beth.ai

FactNexus Health Initiatives

Smarter software. Empowered patients and customers.

The World's First Intelligent Health Record

beth.ai gives you a Personal Health Record (PHR) with several important differences.

First, all of your health information is stored anonymously. Anything in your data that might identify you is scanned-for and removed. Now you can safely aggregate data from your many records, apps, wearables and other devices without worrying that identity thieves will access and misuse your data.

Second, beth.ai makes use of and makes sense of unstructured information - including voice comments and and camera snaps.

beth.ai provides a rich array of visual, easy-to-digest views and reports for you, for your doctor and for those you want to share your health progress with. You can nominate any suitable PHR to receive these reports and if you have a high level of trust in your PHR provider, you can even sign into beth.ai using it.

A simple & powerful Personal Health Recorder

Make a Voice Record

Make a quick health-related voice memo about what you're feeling, observing or doing.

Or Take a Picture

Take a snap of your medical device readout, your visible symptom or your lab result. Hold it down to attach a voice note.

Store It

Beth will take what you give her, make it readable and "medical", and put it into secure storage for you.

Get & Share Reports

Visual, easy-to-digest reports for you, for your doctor and for those you want to share your health progress with.

Rapid assessment using mobile devices

Assessment is a key part of any health program. But it can be cumbersome and time-consuming - for patient and care giver. Even modern screen-based assessments don't seem to recognise that today's app user has limited time and patience. Questions that don't get answered are of no use to anyone.

HealthQA is a low-friction, patient-personalised assessment application designed for mobile and web devices. The app carries a comprehensive suite of engagement-tested health-related questions, answer choices and visual presentation devices.Using what it already knows about the patient, HealthQA presents a simple and quick questionnaire using these questions.

HealthQA comes with several "gamified" implementations that further improve patient and customer engagement.The Bio-Age Challenge is an example.

Health Streams
Automated, data-driven conversations with patients and customers

Reduce health care and related costs by (a) significantly improving the flow of information between provider and patient/customer and (b) enabling digital health programs that support behaviour change

Streams is used to drive the powerful new Companion digital Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (dCBT) programs at partner.beth.ai.

Guaranteed record anonymity provides the ultimate in medical record protection.

New patent-pending technology lets a record holder...

  • identify a patient record with 100% reliability
  • verify any patient's identifying information
  • provide "safe" medical data to local and remote staff on commodity mobile devices
  • safely share records with care partners
  • render any stolen records unusable for identity theft

TrigID anonymity services will pair with many common EHR applications and can be up and running in days.

Management Team

Skilled in leading the development, implementation and adoption of new data-capture and management technologies.

Stephen Young

Founder and CEO of FactNexus and architect of the GraphBase Graph DBMS. A graduate of the University of Auckland, Steve is a recognised expert in complex data who has built a number of large, highly-structured Relational, noSQL and Semantic databases for Government and Industry. Steve is also a Molecular Biologist by training and he spent several years studying the diseases of aging.

Abby Clifton

Chief Networking Officer. A graduate of the University of New South Wales BIT programme, Abby is a highly-experienced corporate, government, health sector and university change agent skilled in innovation-mentoring and in leading the adoption of new technologies.

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