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Putting Your Enterprise Knowledge To Work


Our tools let domain experts inside or outside of your enterprise contribute to your structured knowledge.


Create formal knowledge structures that simplify decisions and help your enterprise solve difficult problems.


Use your formalized knowledge to implement AI and traditional applications that you know will meet your needs.


Our applications let you use AI with controls and guidance that are transparent and easy to understand.


Europe reaches a deal on the world’s first comprehensive AI rules.

Statutes requiring formal risk-assessment, transparency, data governance, human oversight and other safety-related provisions will soon be passed into law. Steep penalties for non-compliance are promised.

Introducing CAT3
Central AI Governance for Enterprise

Your AI Safety Appliance

Generative AI is a game-changer. It automates creative tasks, boosts efficiency, and sparks innovation. The technology creates tailored content quickly and aids in smart decision-making. It's a key tool for staying competitive.

But GenAI has its problems. Its complex algorithms are resource-intensive, requiring significant investment in computing power and expertise. There's also the risk of reputation-harming inaccurate or biased content. Ethical and legal risks - including copyright and data privacy - need to be managed. Prompt-injection and other malicious actions are already serious concerns and bad actors are just getting started.

What's needed for this new age of AI is a central, well-defined set of AI governance policies and procedures. Even better would be a product that automates that governance.

Enter CAT3

CAT3 is a virtual appliance that sits between your team and the thousands of AI products they need to experiment with and use if your enterprise wants to get ahead of the pack.

CAT3 intercepts, checks, blocks if necessary, and then provides guidance for any AI application used from within your Enterprise firewall. It does so using a knowledge graph that you fine-tune to meet the governance needs of your enterprise.

Let delight your customers.

Beth is a generative AI chat agent controlled by knowledge graph.

  • Answer your customer and internal questions like ChatGPT but always using only knowledge that you control.
  • Reduce bias and hallucination, provide explainability and secure your sensitive knowledge. And you can plug in the Generative AI of your choice.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Slack, Teams, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram and Discord.

Beth is Cloud software. You can spin an instance up in seconds. Join the waiting list and try it out.

Powered By GraphBase

GraphBase is unique. It's the only Graph Database Management System (Graph DBMS) engineered with the graph as its unit of work.

Built primarily for managing knowledge, its structures and tools let you manipulate discrete self-contained knowledge graphs.

Enterprise tools for your Knowledge Graph.

  • Graph your knowledge base and document stores for use by ChatGPT and other Large Language Models.
  • Map database queries directly into your knowledge graph.
  • Set Listeners to keep your Knowledge Graph up-to-date.
  • Everything you need for a single, 360-degree view of your enterprise and its customers.


Let us help you formalize your enterprise knowledge and put it to work. We can:

  • Scope your knowledge-driven governance requirements and plan your implementation.
  • Capture concepts and facts from your databases (RDBMS & noSQL) and from your APIs.
  • Capture facts from your textual Knowledge Management Systems.
  • Set up applications and processes that allow domain experts (both internal and external) to contribute to your Knowledge Graph.
  • With the help of our partners, deploy for you the CAT3 virtual appliance and supporting applications
  • Apply governance to your call centre automation and messaging (chatbot) applications.